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  • Etone Power Co., Ltd.

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer , Trade Company , Service
  • Main Markets: Africa , Americas , Asia , Middle East , Oceania , Other Markets
  • Exporter:31% - 40%
  • Certs:CE, ISO9001, ISO14000
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Etone Power Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Etone Never Stop Running Your reliable electric power expert Etone Power Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized in Generator set production design sales installation maintenance and service It has been established over 15 years The field experience is over 20 years And the commodity has been exported to over 80 countries and regions all over the world Etone has set up reliable partnership with Cummins Perkins Deutz Mitsubishi Stamford Leroysomer and Marathon series world famous engines and AC alternators To provide no defect product and professional timely service is our work orientation In accordance with international standard strickly Etone has its own advanced production line...

Categories and Products

Cummins Diesel Generator Set

25kVA~1675kVA Diesel Generator Set with Cummins Engine 45kVA Diesel Generating Set 206kVA Cummins Engine Silent Diesel Generator Set 150kVA Cummins Trailer Generator 25kVA-1675kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Genset 125kVA Cummins Engine Diesel Generator Set 40kVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set Cummins Power Open Type Diesel Generator Set 20-1300 kVA Cummins Engine Generator Set 625kVA Cummins Engine Generator Set 1000kVA Cummins Engine Diesel Generator Set 1200kVA Cummins Container Diesel Generator Set ETCG1200 500kVA Cummins Engine Generator Set ETCG500 150kVA Cummins Engine Generator Set 25kVA-1625kVA Cummins Engine Diesel Generator Set 115kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator Set 55kVA Cummins Diesel Genset 180kVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set 1400kVA Cummins Container Generator Set 688kVA Cummins Engine Diesel Generator Set 

Perkins Diesel Generator Set

15kVA Diesel Generator with Perkins Engine Generator Set Powered by UK Perkins Engine 1500KW Generator Sets Powered by Perkins Engine 150kVA Perkins Open-Frame Generator Set ETPG150 72kVA Trailer Type Generator Set ETPG72 1100kVA Generator Set Powered by UK Perkins Generator Set Powered by Famous Engine ETPG200 Generator Set With Perkins Engine Perkins Generator Set (ETPG1375) Perkins Engine Diesel Generators ETPG450 Generator Set Powered by UK Engine 1875kVA Perkins Container Type Generators 1675kva Genset Powered by UK Famous Engine 1500kVA Open Type Perkins Generator Set 900kVA Perkins Marine Generator Set 700KVA Generator Sets Powered by Perkins Engine Generators Powered UK Famous Engine Power Generator Set by Perkins Engine 400kVA Perkins Portable Generator Set ETPG400 Generator Set Powered by UK Famous Engine 

Deutz Diesel Generator Set

Diesel Gensets with Deutz Engine ETDG145 Deutz Diesel Silent Generator Set ETD575 575KVA Deutz Engine Generator Set 625KVA Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETDG625 600KVA Deutz Diesel Generator Set Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETD563 313KVA Deutz Diesel Generator Set Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETD500 388KVA Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETD388 Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETD183 Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETD475 475kVA Deutz Engine Diesel Genset 350kVA Deutz Diesel Silent Generator Set ETD350 275kVA Deutz Diesel Generator Set 250kVA Deutz Diesel Generator Set Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETDG225 Deutz Engine Diesel Generator Set ETDG413 Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETDG208 Deutz Diesel Generator Set ETD146 120KVA Deutz Diesel Genset 

Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set

Mitsubishi Diesel Generator 880kVA 2200kVA Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Sets Mitsubishi Engine Genset 2000kVA Mitsubishi Engine Genset 1925kVA 2050kVA Mitsubishi Engine Diesel Genset ETMG2050 1500kVA Mitsubishi Engine Genset 1500KVA Mitsubishi Engine Genset ETMG1500 Mitsubishi Engine Genset Diesel 1400kVA Mitsubishi Engine Genset 1060kVA Mitsubishi Engine Genset 940kVA 880kVA Mitsubishi Engine Diesel Genset Mitsubishi Engine Genset 675kVA 685kVA Mitsubishi Engine Genset Mitsubishi Engine Container Type Generator Set (ETMG1500) 2050kVA Silent Mitsubishi Engine Generator Set ETMG2050 2200kVA Mitsubishi Open Diesel Generator Set (ETMG2200) 1925kVA Mitsubishi Engine Generator Set Generator Set Powered by Mitsubishi Engine ETMG1650 1400kVA Mitsubishi Engine Generator Set ETMG1400 Mitsubishi Engine Diesel Generator Set ETMG1100 

Yanmar Diesel Generator Set

69kVA Diesel Generator Set with Yanmar Engine Yanmar Generator Set ETYM69 10-69kVA Yanmar Diesel Generating Set ETYM52.5 62.5kva Yanmar Generating Set 15kVA Yanmar Silent Type Diesel Generator Set 35kVA Yanmar Silent Generator Set ETYM35 Yanmar Brand Generator Set ETYM42.5 Yanmar Generating Set ETYM27.5 21kva Yanmar Generating Set Yanmar Diesel Generator SetETYM15 11KVA Yanmar Generator Set ETYM11 59kVA Yanmar Diesel Genset ETYM59 45kVA Yanmar Generator Set ETYM45 Yanmar Generator Set ETYM55 Yanmar Generator Set ETYM22.5 Yanmar Generator Set ETYM10 Diesel Generator Set with 11KVA Yanmar 62.5kVA Yanmar Power Diesel Generator ETYM62.5 55KVA Diesel Genst Yanmar Brand Open Style Yanmar Brand Generator Set 35KVA ETYM35 

Isuzu Diesel Generator Set

Diesel Generator Set Equipped with Isuzu Engine ETIG55 25kw Diesel Generator Set Power by Isuzu Engine Generator Set Powered by Isuzu Engine ETIG55 21kVA Silent Isuzu Engine Diesel Generator Set ETIG21 27.5kVA Isuzu Engine Diesel Generator Set ETIG27.5 Diesel Generator Set Powered by Isuzu Engine ETIG41 Generator Powered by Isuzu Engine 35kVA 34kVA Isuzu Engine Generator Set ETIG34 Diesel Generator Set Powered by Isuzu Engine 27.5kVA 41kVA Isuzu Diesel Generator Set ETIG41 34kVA Isuzu Silent Diesel Generator Set ETIG34 55kVA Isuzu Diesel Generator Set ETIG55 35KVA Generator Set Isuzu ETIG35 15KW Isuzu engine diesel generator set 20KW Etone Isuzu diesel generator set 20kVA Isuzu Super Silent Diesel Gensets 25kva Isuzu diesel generator set Isuzu Open Type Diesel Generator Set 40kW Diesel Generator with Isuzu Engine Isuzu 32kw Open Frame Diesel Generator Set 

Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Yuchai Diesel Generating Set Yuchai Diesel Generating Set 34kVA 875kva Diesel Generator Set ETYG-875 Diesel Generating Set ETYG-750 Diesel Generator Set ETYG-563 250KW Yuchai Diesel Generator Set Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-938 Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-288 Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-250 225KVA Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-225 Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-188 163kVA Yuchai Diesel Genset 138kVA Yuchai Diesel Generators ETYG-138 Yuchai Diesel Generating Set ETYG-125 Diesel Generator with Yuchai Engine 113kVA Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-36 Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-500 Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-88 Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-75 Yuchai Diesel Generator Set ETYG-50 

Silent Type Generator Set

25kVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set 1625kVA Cummins Container Generator Set ETCG1625 Cummins Trailer Diesel Generator Set 200kVA 1400kva Container Generator Set 250kVA Silent Type Genset Cummins Container Generator Sets 500kVA 1375kVA Cummins Engine Silent Generator Set ETCG1375 250kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator Set 1000kVA Cummins Container Diesel Generator Set Cummins Silent Type Genset 1375kVA 650kVA Cummins Silent Generator Set 450kVA Soundproof Canopy Diesel Genset Cummins Engine Soundproof Generator Set 138kVA Cummins Engine Silent Generator Set 25kVA ETCG25 650kVA Cummins Engine Soundproof Diesel Generator 550kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator Set 350kVA Containerized Cummins Generator 138kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator Set 20-1500kva Silent Diesel Genset 400KW Super Quiet diesel generators 

Container Type Generator Set

680KW Engine Low Noise Container Diesel Generator set 875kva Container Type Diesel Generators 40GP Container type 1000kva generator set Container type 800kw generator set Container type 1063kva diesel generator set 1000kw container type generator set 60HZ container type generator set 900KW Container Type Diesel Generator Set Container Type Diesel Generator Set 200kva Silent Diesel Generator Set 1000kVA Cummins Silent Container Type Diesel Generator Set 1250kVA Container Type Generator Set with Perkins Engine 1000kVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set Container Type Container Type 1000kw Diesel Generator Set Diesel Generator Set with Silent Canopy 360kw Cummins Container Type Diesel Electric Generator 800kVA Container Silent Diesel Generator set 750KW Container type Cummins Diesel Generator 1000kVA Cummins Power Diesel Generator Container Type 250kva trailer type Cummins Diesel Generator Set 

Open Type Generator Set

88kVA Perkins Engine Diesel Generator Set 88kw Open Type Diesel Generator Set 450kVA Perkins Diesel Generator Set 200kVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set 225kVA Yuchai Diesel Generater Set Cummins Diesel Generator Set 888KVA 375kVA Cummins Open Type Diesel Generator Set Yuchai Diesel Generator Set 500kVA 225kVA Cummins Engine Diesel Genset 450KW Perkins Diesel Generator Set 600kw Yuchai Diesel Genset 75kVA Diesel Generator Set 150kVA Perkins Engine Diesel Genset 1250kVA Emergency Power Big Generator 188kVA Yuchai Diesel Generater Set 1925kVA Mitsubishi Diesel Genset Diesel Generating Set 875kVA 1500kva open type Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set Super Power Cummins Generator Set 1625kVA 1100kVA Power Genset Cummins Engine 

Trailer Type Generator Set

180kVA Cummins Trailer Diesel Genset 50KW Cummins Silent Generators 220KW Cummins Trailer Diesel Generator set 200kVA Cummins engine soundproof diesel generator set 350KVA Perkins Portable Generator Set Trailer Power Diesel Generator set Silent Type 280kW 50KW Cummins Silent Portable Diesel Generator Set 183kVA Cummins Engine Diesel Generator Set Trailer Power Diesel Generator set Silent Type 400kW 20kw Mobile Type Trailer Diesel Generator Set Cummins Trailer Movable Type Power Generator 100kw Soundproof Diesel Trailer Generator Set Trailer Type Electric Generator Set Mobile type diesel generator High power Trailer Type Diesel Generator Set 50kva 40kw Generator Open/Silent/Trailer Generator Set 200kVA Trailer Mounted Diesel Generator Set 1000kVA Trailer Mounted Diesel Generator Set 50kw Trailer Type Diesel Generator Set 50kVA Trailer Mounted Diesel Generator Set​ 

Marine Diesel Generator Set

150kVA-800kVA Cummins Diesel Marine Generator Set ETCF630 150-800kVA Cummins Marine Genset ETM500 Cummins Marine Generator ETCF720 Cummins Diesel Marine Generator Set ETCF800 120KW Marine Diesel Engine Generator Set Cummins 80kw Marine Diesel Generator Set 150kw Cummins Marine Diesel Generator Set 63kVA Cummins Marine Diesel Generator Sets 80kVA/64kw Diesel Marine Generator Set 900KW Marine Diesel Generator Set 410kw/512kVA Cummins Diesel Marine Genset 270kw Engine Marine Diesel Generator Set Cummins series marine diesel generator set Marine Diesel Generator Set Cummins Marine Diesel Generator Set 160kVA/128kw Marine Diesel Generator Set for Ship YuChai Marine Diesel Generator Cummins Marine Power Supply Diesel Generators 225 kVA Marine Diesel Generating Sets 

Mobile Lightting Tower

Mobile Lighting Tower 3KW-15KW Mobile Light Tower 3KW-15KW Portable Generator Light Tower ETLT15.5-H9 Portable Generator Light Tower ETLT12.5-H9 Portable Generator Light Tower ETLT10.5-H9 Portable Generator Light Tower ETLT8.5-H9 Portable Generator Light Tower 10.5kva ETLT10.5-H9 Portable Generator Light Tower 12.5kva Portable Lighting Tower 5kVA-15kVA Lighting Tower Diesel Generator ETLT16-H9 Lighting Tower Diesel Generator 8KW Mobile Light Tower 9KVA Portable Generator Light Tower ETLT13.5-H9 3.3KVA-6.6KVA Portable Light Tower Emergency Light Tower 3KW-15KW Portable Diesel Generator Light Tower Portable Generator Light Tower 5.5kW 7.5KVA Portable Generator Light Tower 7kw Light Tower ETLT11-H9 Diesel Generator Light Tower 

Welding Generator Set

60HZ DC Welding Generator Set 30kva Silent Diesel Welding Generator Set 300KVA-700KVA Diesel Welding Machine Generator silent welding diesel generator 6kva generator set 110kw Welding Generator Set 60kva Deutz Engine Welding Diesel Generator Sets welding diesel generator set 50HZ 3Cylinder 24kW Diesel Welding Generator Set 200kw Portable Diesel Welding Generator Set 11kva Welding Generator set 6kva Welding Generator Set CE&ISO approved diesel welding generator silent Diesel 161KVA Welding Generator 240KW Powerful Diesel Welding Generator Portable Set 200KW welding diesel generator set welding diesel generator weichai diesel welding generator set 100KW Small air-cooled open type diesel genset 110kva welding generator set 3 Kw Portable Silent Diesel Welding Generator Set 

Underslung Generator Set

Silent Underslung Generator set 

Telecom Power Generator

360KW Cummins Soundproof Generator Set 625kVA Super Silent Cummins Diesel Generator Set 23kVA-1500kVA Cummins Engine Silent Diesel Generator 450kva Diesel Generator set Super Silent Diesel Generator for Telecom Application 200kVA Generator Powered by Deutz Diesel Engine 70KVA Yanmar Diesel Generator 

MWM Gas Generator Set

Mwm Powered Gas Generator Set 500KVA-5375KVA MWM Gas engine TCG 2016 MWM Gas engine TCG 2020 Gas engine TCG 2032 MWM Gas Engines and Gensets Mwm Powered Gas Generator Set Gas engine TCG 2020 Pipeline Natural Gas MWM Natural Gas Generator 800KW Gas Power Electric 800kw Natural Gas Generator set 

Perkins Gas Generator Set

Perkins Powered Gas Generator set 276KW-1000KW 276kw-1000kw Perkins Powered Gas Generator 1000kw Perkins Powered Gas Generator 10kVA to 2500kVA Diesel Gensets with Perkins Engine Powered Perkins engines 300kw Natural Gas Generator Set 300kw Gas Generator Set 375kva Natural Gas Generator Set 

Cummins Gas Generator Set

14kVA~1500kVA Natural Gas Power Generator 30kVA~1500kVA Biogas Generator Set Gas Generators with Cummins Engine 205kVA Cummins Gas Generator Set 33kVA-1650kVA 206kVA Cummins Natural Gas Generator Set Cummins Natural Gas Generator Set Cummins Natural Gas Genset 164KW Cummins Natural Gas Generator Set 206kVA Generator Clectric Power Gas Gas Generator 200kw Cummins Engine 500kVA Natural Gas Generator with Cummins Engine 250kw Open Type Cummins Gas Generator Cummins Sound Proof Natural Gas Generator Set 30KW-1000KW Cummins Engine Genset Cummins 500kw Natural Gas Generator 560KW Cummins Gas Generator Set High Efficiency Cummins 300kw Biogas Generator Set 150kw Cummins Gas Generator Set Cogeneration Natural Gas Generator Set 100kw-1500Kw Cummins Natural Gas-powered Generator Set 

Off line UPS(500W-1000W)

1KVA Uninterruptible power supply Off-Line Uninterruptible Power Supplies 2kva Uninterruptible Power Source Etong ET33-20K Tower UPS 10kva Spare Off-Line Power 8kw Offline Uninterruptible Power 16kw Offline Uninterruptible Power 8KW 10KVA Emergency Power UPS 8KW Emergency Off-Line Power 6KVA Offline Tower UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply for computers Uninterrupted Power Supply ET500 Uninterrupted Power Supply ET650 Uninterrupted Power Supply ETONE800​ Uninterrupted Power Supply ET1200 Off line Uninterrupted Power Supply Uninterrupted Power Supply ETONE500 3kva Uninterruptible Power Source Uninterruptible Power Source ET3KS Uninterruptible Power Source 2kva 

High Frequency Online UPS

1kVA-3kVA High Frequency Online UPS High Frequency 120kVA-400kVA Online UPS High Frequency Online UPS From 1kVA to 3kVA High Frequency Online UPS - PHS3120 500VA-2000VA Etone Line Interactive UPS (ETF) Low Frequency UPS Power Supply HT60K 40KVA high frequency Online UPS HT30K Uninterruptible Power Supply Online UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply HT10K 6-20kVA High Frequency Online UPS 20kVA PHS3120 15kVA High Frequency on Line UPS PHS3115 6kVA-10kVA High Frequency on Line UPS 3kVA onLine High Frequency UPS PHS1103B 6-20kVA High Frequency on Line UPS PHS1110B On Line UPS 2kVA PHS1102 High Frequency on Line UPS PHS1110 2kVA on Line UPS with Battery PHS1102B High Frequency on Line UPS High Frequency on Line UPS PHS1106 6000 Series Online UPS 

Low Frequency Online UPS

UPS Low Frequency on Line HT220K Online UPS Low Frequency HT160K Uninterrupted Power Supply Low Frequency HT100K on-Line Low Frequency UPS HT6K Uninterrupted Power Supply Low Frequency HT120K 50-200kVA Uninterrupted Power Supply Low Frequency 50-200kVA Low Frequency Online UPS HT50K on-Line Low Frequency UPS HT200K Low Frequency on-Line UPS HT20K On-Line Low Frequency UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply Su 10kVA Low Frequency 1-20kVA Low Frequency Online UPS SU20K 15kVA Low Frequency Uninterrupted Power Supply 6kVA Low Frequency Online UPS UPS Low Frequency 20kVA SU20K Uninterrupted Power Supply Low Frequency 3kVA 1kVA Su Series Low Frequency Online UPS SU1K Su Series Low Frequency on Line UPS Neptune Series Low Frequency UPS 8KVA Neptune Series Low Frequency UPS 40KVA 

Cummins Spare Parts

Turbocharger for Marine Diesel Engine Genset Controller of Cummins Spare Parts HGM9220/9320/9420 Generator Set Controller Stamford Alternator For Genset Cummins Engine Valve 6135G Cummins Valve Engine Exhaust 4115TA Cummins Engine Exhaust 170Z Valve Cummins Diesel Engine Exhaust Valve Cummins Marine Engine Parts Cummins Engine Valve ETYC6112ZLQ Cummins Diesel Piston CCEC Cummins Piston Diesel Engine Parts Cummins Diesel Engine Piston ETEQH200-30 Cummins Piston Kit Parts Cummins Engine Crankshaft Gear Cummins Generator Parts Cummins Valve Spring Cummins Generator Spare Parts Cummins Cylinder Head Cummins Connecting Rod Engine Spare Parts Cummins Marine Engine Parts High Power Cummins Generator Set Parts Cummins Genuine Diesel Engine Fuel Injection Pump 

Perkins Spare Parts

High Quality Fuel Filter Parts of Perkins High Quality Air Filter Parts for Perkins 

Deutz Spare Parts

Deutz Spare Parts Engine Valve Deutz Parts Gasket for Cylinder Head Deutz Cylinder Head Cover Gasket Bf4m2012 Filter Generator Parts Deutz Deutz 1013 Cylinder Head Deutz Fl912 Crank Pulley Engine Parts Engine Piston Engine Piston Pin for Diesel Engine Deutz Fl912 Liner Kits Deutz Engine Cylinder Components Deutz Generator Piston 1013 Deutz water cooled camshaft Deutz air cooled camshaft 1015 series water-cooled cylinder liner water-cooled cylinder liner 1015 series Air Cooled Connecting Rod Cylinder Liner for Deutz 913 series air-cooled cylinder liner 413 series air-cooled cylinder liner Deutz Pistons and Rods Components 1015 

Yuchai Spare Parts

Shanghai Marathon AC Alternator 

Engine Air Filter

Diesel Generator Engine Air Filter Diesel Engine Crankshaft Flywheel Diesel Engine Spare Parts Cummins 4 Cylinder Engine Block Cummins Diesel Engine Parts Cylinder Block 

Engine Oil Filter

Engine Parts Air Filter Cummins Engine Parts 0ir Filter Cummins Oil Filter 485GB3191C High Grade Cummins Genset Oil Filter Cummins engine Oil Filter 1902134 

Engine Fuel Filter

Perkins Engine Fuel Filter Diesel Engine Fuel Filter 6BT Engine Diesel Parts Fuel Filter 

Engine Consumables

6df1 Engine Block Series Valve 1015 water-Cooled Cylinder Head ATS Parallel Control Panel Emergency Power Supply Automatic Transfer System Parallel System of Power Plant ATS Conversion Cabinet manual / automatic ATS cabinet ATS Automatic Transfer Switch Generator set Paralleling ATS ATS Auto Transfer Switch System ATS Panel Generator Parts Automatic Transfer Switch Panel ATS Auto Transfer Switch Electrical Frequency Conversion Cabinet 5kVA to 2700kVA Leroysomer Alternator Etone Brushless Alternator ET000140 

Engine Lubricants

Diesel Engine Oil CH-4 

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